Here at  Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC we take a hands-on approach with each individual client. Whether you are an entertainer, local business, or brand, we take out the time to carve out a successful strategy that is tailored specifically for you no matter where you are in your development process.

Though Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC  was originally founded in 2016, our Founder and partners have over 7 yrs of experience working in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and internationally in Jamaica. We also have a combined experience working on successful event launches, entertainment press runs, social media strategies, emerging artist development, as well as placing our clients on red carpets, television show opportunities, radio interviews, and partnering with brands for sponsorship deals and more.

We build brand strategies including brand identity, brand messaging, and brand positioning.



Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC specializes in Grassroots Marketing to create a local buzz as well as utilizing Traditional PR to gain mass exposure.


Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC strategically develops a key social media plan that will help gain followers as well as engage them. We understand that social media is the driving force in today’s society, and helping to build your social  outreach will help get you the major placements you are looking for. It is key for us to create a tailored campaign centered around your target audience to increase your social presence.


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Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC takes out the time to create a marketing campaign that specifically fits you! We understand that everyone’s brand is different, and everyone is in different stages within their career. We look to bring insight and map out a game plan no matter what current state you are in within your career. We work with everyone from emerging talent to fortune 500 companies.


Paige Shari' Addison Management & Consulting LLC specializes in client and company events. We work to provide event curation and media exposure. We not only work on red carpet events, we also develop tours within the United States and other parts of the world. Our events are tailored to our client’s needs.


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